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Thread: exporting/loss of quality premiere pro

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    Default exporting/loss of quality premiere pro

    I finished a short video i made which i captured the clips digitally via firewire. Now, when i export it, the picture comes out somewhat pixalated and less quality than even when i record to vhs at school (and everything at school is anolog!!) Well, ive played with the options (video compression, etc) i made sure it was set at 100% quality output but still i have yet to export my video with any satisfactory quality. I did everything digital, shouldnt the quality be much better than using analog sources...i mean im kinda disappointed.

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    It would help if you explained:

    a) what settings you have used - compressor (codec), framesize, bitrate to name a few

    b) how you intend to distrubute your film - over the web, via email, on DVD, on CD, just for your own use on your harddrive, to be played in a standalone. This has a HUGE bearing on the quality/file size trade off.

    c) the specifications of your PC

    Infact, this question can't be answered without at least the answers to those questions

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    I'm using - 1800 + Athlon, 512 mb ddr, 80 gig hard 8mb cache, radeon 9200 graphics card

    Frame size - 720h 480v

    Frame Rate 29.97

    Pixel Aspect Ratio D1/DV NTSC (.9)

    Depth - Millions, Quality: 100%

    No embedding options

    Render lower fields first

    It would be cool to know what half those things are and what they do to, thanx so much for helping me

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    And what country are you from?

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    And where were your parents born?

    Tell me, NOW!

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    Oops, guess that could be construed as a tad personal. It's just that you wouldn't believe the amount of times we've had the old PAL/NTSC question - and that resolves it straight away

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    United States lol, NTSC all the way here

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    It could just be less than impressive microsoft DV codec mon playback. Try transcoding your created DV AVI to MPEG2 and checking the quality of that.

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