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    Hi all

    I have got my own wedding video to sort and the sound isn't great on it. It was shot during the day outside, I have had a go in premier to get rid of some of the background noise and it doesn't sound that bad.

    My question is is there any fequencies or anything i should be looking at to boost the voice and nothing else? I would like to boost the volume of the voices but keep all the rest either low or get rid of the background noise.
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    I'm sure other tools can do this also but as this is the one I use....

    Download the 30 trial of Adobe Audition. It has a great spectrum view where you can 'see' the frequencies in question. You can then just 'select' the bits/frequencies to remove and hit delete.

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    What are the background noises you are trying to dampen down or get rid of? Wind rumble, a 747 flying overhead or someone screaming their head off? Are the voices male or female or a mixture of both?

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    try your boosting mid frequencies for voice - =drop lows for rumble and hum highs for hiss.
    If you are using an equalizer start off with a flat level with everything set at 0 and then bring up or down from there.
    You'll soon get the feel as to what frequencies are related to what as you adjust and you'll soon get the feel for how sound works.
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    I am looking for a similar solution. I made some videos with my digital camera at a working dog demonstration and have a lot of wind sound and tire whine from a nearby road. I want to remove as much of the noise as I can.
    Here is a sample of the recording
    Any suggestions would help greatly. The full recording is 18 minutes long.

    I have Audacity and could download a trial version of Audition if need be. But I don't edit all that much audio so I don't want to spend a fortune on software.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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