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    I am very new to computer video editing (we had old super 8 and editor). I used to be able to overlap scenes/clips physically with the old editor. When played both scenes were viewable just one superimposed on the other, made for some very nice effects. Can I do this with digital on my computer please and if so which editing software can do it ?
    Please remember I am new to this and make it as simple as possible.


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    I think most if not all can do this. I use Vegas and there are different ways to re create this effect, whether it a crossover transition or playing 2 tracks and have the oppacity on the parent track turned down.

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    As yeebsy has said this is also possible in Premiere and I'm sure most packages with more than one video track. You can do something simple like reducing the opacity by placing one video clip on one track and another video clip on the track either above or below, depending on the software. Then just select one of the clips and change the opacity from 100% down to 50 or less. You could also try blend modes that would change the colours and give some very weird paint effects, negative, solarisation and posterisation could also be used.

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