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Thread: subtitle???How to create??

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    Default subtitle???How to create??

    I am deaf. I want to create subtitle and add on any video(streaming video from web or video from DVD) for deaf people for business.
    I have adobe premiere pro 2. I have been researching about subtitle, but still can't find one. I have been struggling about over 1 month. Please help me how to do this!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default subtitle

    Ok i havn't been using premier elements 2 for very long but i know the layout and im guessing if you wanted a subtitle you would just enter it like a normal title and set it to stay on for as long as the person is speaking. Hope it helps!

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    It seems to me that no matter how you do this there is going to be a lot of typing involved. If you have an electronic version of the script in notepad or something like that it is possible to paste the words straight in to the titler. The titler in premiere is quite heavy on the system so be prepared for some choppy video and long render times.
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    You could just create numeroud titles and overlay them at the correct time and for the correct duration.

    However, I think titles for the hard of hearing are the job for your DVD production tool (Encore?) where there are specific tools for doing just this (I think but I've never used them) and you can build in a dynamic means of turning them on and off at play time as well.

    Much more proffessional that hard wiring them in.

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    if u dont wanna make a bunch of titles in premiere, then u can go here and look under the "Subtitle" section.

    btw they r all free

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