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    Cool Im So Cinfused!

    yeah im so confused on copy right stuff. ok. when i make a video how is it possible to put a track from a cd i have. i know i cant burn it because of copy right stuff, but if you go on and watch other peoples videos they have songs from famous artist! My computer teacher says i cant and i have to use all this royalty free crap! Im not against copy right laws at all! im just confused on how people use songs from there cds and not get introuble. If its possible how can i do it?????

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    as far as i am aware...... as long as you are not selling the video with the music on it you can use any music you want. i may be wrong - i dont know :S

    im sure if you type it into google it will pull up lots on copywrite law

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    I did a little about this at university ----technically it is against copyright law to use/distribute any copyrighted music and put it on your tube etc. But it happens all the time and its not being sold, or is not in high quitlity so artists let it go - as once the artist finds out there has been a breach of copyright, it is them that has to make most of the decisions of whether or not to make charges - so the liklyhood of them chasing things up on your tube is very low, and perhaps wouldnt even stand up in court as there are so many others comitting the very same (minor) offence at the same time...

    yes in theory it is against the law, but copyright is such a huge topic - its like saying finding a pound on the floor and not giving it back, is the same as an armed robbery!!

    I use copyright music all the time in my university projects - I think students and teachers should be more worried about the student making sure they reconise copyrighted music in their work, rather than being worried about keeping on the :very blured: right side of the law.

    I find it very hard to see how putting a piece of music in your video projects and posting it on your tube, as long as the music isnt pre-realese or in someway specail, can lead to any major charges being bought against you.. I think if the music industury sued people out of princable then it would be a very different story, but you have to remember that the music industury has no prinicables!! because there will always be more people breaking the law than those who can inforce it they must go after the 'armed robbers' and not the 'petty theives'...

    in short - it is illegal, and I think we all (most of us) agree that things like the file sharing of software like premire is wrong(ish), but much of it is down to more of a socail acceptance, - this ofcourse can never change the law, but it somehow makes us overlook it..this and the fact that the music industury wouldnt make any money bringing charges against these type of things, I think is the main reason that you can :kind of: get away with it...

    But i would never do it as Ive got to many morales!!!!
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    Hey THANKYOU SO MUCH for spending your time responding to me! I kinda figured this was gana be the answer. I do have another questuion. Many people tell me they have permision to use an artist song. Im just thinking how the heck would I contact a celeberty or a famous music artist and ask them for permission to use there songs? I hope i sexplaned myself well!

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    ^^ it doesnt work like that.. there are places setup to collect and distribute the money collected from pay them x amount for use of a song, they put it in a big pot of money and make sure the artist is payed accordingly..

    heres an example:
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    Duckzilla, there are agencies in both the USA and Europe (I don't know where you are) that you have to go through to see if it is possible to use an artists or bands music. They will set you on the straight and narrow regarding a particular piece of music and whether or not you can use it legally and how much it will cost you. If they charge a lot of money, maybe your school/college could get it done for less.

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    Alternatively you can join an organisation, like the Institute for Amateur Cinematographers (IAC) who have special arrangements in place with the licensing bodies. For a nominal fee (around 10 per annum) you are entitled to MCPS and I think BPI licences.

    Copyright is insanely complex, especially in the world of media and music. There are several copyrights at play with any piece of music for example, that of the actual recording (there is no copyright on Mozart's music but you still can't use it because the performance, arrangement and recording itself is copyrighted). To learn about the different bodies and exactly what kind of license you require (also how to obtain it) go here:

    Also, if you are interested in music for Wedding Videos then you will likely find this link (and subsequent opportunity to purchase the correct licence online) useful

    One comment. You mentioned royalty free music is not very good. I would actually disagree with that statement somewhat. While sometimes only a commercial song with some kind of particular meaning will suffice, some royalty free music is very good. To see what I mean, go to and listen to some of their samples from their Film Composer or Strata series (in fact all the series are pretty impressive). All the music you use through Smartsound is royalty free! (note though that Home and Web series are for private use only, but the professional ones are good to go for commercial too)

    Best of luck walking through the minefield.

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