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Thread: Aspect Ratio Problems

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    Default Aspect Ratio Problems

    I'm having troubles with the aspect ration thing.

    - Sometimes when I capture, it stops and says (in the middle of the video) the aspect ration has changed!?? Or I'll capture it, but in the EDIT mode, it will be set for widescreen and it stretches the images out and makes it fat so it fits widescreen.

    Does anybody have any problems with this or SOLUTIONS??


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    elephix2 Guest


    Hey. it's me again. I just figured out the problem:

    When you capture ANALOG, it captures as widescreen.
    This is a problem though because it looks full screen, and when it captures to analog, it flattens the objects (making them look fat).

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it automatic, or is there a way to capture in "fat" widescreen, but then change the aspect to Full screen so it corrects the skewed images?

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    I know a way of changing the pixel aspect ratio, but as usual this is outside of pinnacle and something I beleive you would rather avoid!

    It's a strange one that Studio is capturing with the wrong pixel aspect ratio. It's normally the other way around where the application squishes up 16:9 to 4:3. Never heard of 4:3 being stretched to 16:9!!!

    What version of Pinnacle Studio are you using? Could you post a screenshot of the video? Could you try capturing in analogue with VirtualDub (just to make sure it's Pinnacle that's the problem)?

    Sorry, more questions than answers at this stage, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this one!
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    elephix2 Guest


    Yeah, I'm using Studio 9.
    I've captured many analog video before, and now when I capture the SAME analog as I did with v. 7 - 8, it captures VHS as widescreen format! And it's automatic so there's really nothing I can do about it.

    I don't have screenshots yet, I'm working on putting 8 back on my computer to capture the needed analog, then going back to 9 and using the captured clips. For some reason, this works fine! I've tried it.


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    Default aspect ratio

    Aspect ratio is governed by the timeline and the clips.

    Rule 1: the aspect ratio of the first clip on the timeline whether video, still image, title or menu, governs all the following clips whatever their original a/r.

    Rule 2: right clicking on any clip (of any sort) in the album will give you the option of 4:3 or 16:9.

    If you've shot at both ratios on the same DV tape then you could banjax your production.

    Capture 16:9 in project A and 4:3 in project B, merge the two in project C. Keep the w/s ration and edit out 4:3 clips which look absurd.
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