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What is YouTube?

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Every now and again I venture into YouTube world. I've never understood why YouTube exists and my casual trips onto its pages never really provide an answer. Take a look at the top 10 videos and you'll see a stream of badly filmed videos with no real interest (other than the type of interest generated by people doing "crazy shit"). Dig deeper and you find more.

But every visit, there's something I see more of. Ads. Wait 2 seconds to skip. Wait 5 seconds to skip. (Bizarrely, these ads often illicit more interest than the videos for me.) so whilst people contine to upload Charlie biting a finger, a new bread of YouTube "content providers" appears to have developed. YouTube producers. as they like to be called, are making money. Or so it seems.

I still find it impossible to find anything decent to watch though, and i can't imagine ever being part of the yiutube "thing". maybe I just don't have what it takes to be a YouTube producer? Should I try?

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Updated 01-25-2013 at 11:35 PM by Marc Peters

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  1. Stripe's Avatar
    Youtube is a wild jungle, which is good in one respect, however it's important for you to control the environment. It sounds like it is controlling you atm.

    For starters, Firefox users can install ABP (adblocker plus) which will destroy all adverts, and instantly make your viewing more pleasurable.

    I have a youtube channel which is great for collecting all my video work. Youtube is highly used, and has all the embedding tools you need, so people can access your work easily, and I also know where it all is! Subscribers and subscription channels all help with getting your work seen. People can also download your work, without you needing to get involved. You can make videos public or private, ideal for publishing a collection and gaining feedback.

    I use Youtube as a jukebox when friends are over for drinks - the 'name any song and I'll play it' can be real impressive to some. There are always live alternatives to songs and you can see some fascinating archive material.

    If I hear of a news item that I want to see, someone has already loaded it to youtube. I don't need to chase the TV news for the story.

    We watch full UK TV programs, we have just finished the entire Upstairs Downstairs (7 series), we have seen 95% of all the 'Have I got news for you'. For Brits in Australia this is an invaluable cultural fix.

    Sometimes you can see a suggestion for 'funny shit' and spend 20 minutes 'rabbit holing', have a good chuckle, then leave it.

    The difference I think is that I am using youtube, it's easy to let youtube use you, especially when you get sucked into the 'what's hot' nonsense and the 'one million views' fake stuff. It just depends which direction you approach it.

    I have since discovered Vimeo, and that's like a million short film festivals running 24/7 - all in HD and some real pro work. It's definitely not a jungle.

    youtube is rough, but sometimes we like a bit of rough don't we?
  2. JMG's Avatar
    Yes, I can agree with this!
    I find [URL=""]Vimeo[/URL] is the best - It is design for more professional and better quality clips and independent productions.
  3. ctbullet's Avatar
    I agree with everything you're saying. The part that bothered me is the ad blocker. For youtubers that is how they make their money. They're providing you with free entertainment anyway and now you're depriving them $0.02 by using the ad blocker.

    Just a though
  4. chrisbitz's Avatar
    I agree with ctbullet. YouTube is good enough to provide this incredible repository of free stuff, and all you have to do is *sometimes* watch a 5 second advert in return.

    In addition, you're depriving a small amateur film-maker like yourself their small amount of income.

    People sound almost proud that they use an adblocker!

    Youtube has everything. I publish my films there because I want people to see them. Vimeo may have many claims as to how it's "better" but for me, the only thing that matters is it has 1/100th the viewers of YouTube. I don't want to hide away my films for pretentious reasons, I want everyone to see them.

    And I earn a good living from it too.
  5. Stripe's Avatar
    If 2c means enough to forsake socialism over capitalism, I reckon for a dollar I could keep you out of my life forever. Here - go fetch...
  6. Poolboy's Avatar
    Youtube is not something you should try because you don't have the right attitude for it and you don't have the progressive thinking for it. You are stuck in the last century, my friend.

    Not everyone can be successful on youtube, but you will surely never find a way to use it to your advantage with your attitude.

    Youtube has lots of problems, but it also has it's advantages.
  7. worddigger's Avatar
    YouTube has one redeeming quality: It is a universal platform where people can upload and store their videos, which can then be streamed and viewed anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection, and do so at no cost to the user, either on the originating or receiving end. That is a purely technical fact. Beyond that, it is chaos and consternation and subjective assessments of any redeeming value.