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When video takes over

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Cameras are everywhere and broadcasting to the world via YouTube. Mobile phones provide high quality videos in a tiny package, and phones like the nokia n8 even provide instant editing and upload. It's never been so easy to film, edit and share your video. You could say we're in a golden age of instant access and portability. A position only dreamt of 5 years ago. Anyone can become a video star, and by the look of YouTube, everyone has.

So why do I insist on lugging a small broadcast unit around to film home videos? Why do I endure the strange looks and inevitable questions by tucking a tripod under my shoulder. And why would I carry two lenses, a glidecam or glidetrack, and strap a gopro to my head? After all, I've got a powerful HD camera in my back pocket? Why? Because that's exactly what everyone else would do.

I've tried to rely on my mobile to film. I've tried to avoid making every walk, holiday or trip into a minor outside broadcast, but I just can't do it. Truth is, the video isn't incidental to the trip, the trip's an excuse to video. And the worst of it is, I fear running out of things to film - there's only so many things the wife will put up with.

But fear not, I'm a dad to be. There must be at least 18 years of mileage there. And I'm sure that such a forward thinking society won't think twice about me filming my child in public...

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  1. TimStannard's Avatar
    "The trip's an excuse to video" - how true.
    There's a simple solution to running out of things to video - create something - a drama or sketch, rather than simply film what's there. This gives you a whole new area of creativity to explore.
    The hurdle to overcome is that it will inevitably involve working with other people, each of whom will have ides of their own. And when you turn up with a crew, cast and equipment it might be a bit tricky to persuade anyone that the video is incidental to the trip.
  2. Marc Peters's Avatar
    As ever Tim, you've triggered further thought. On reflection, and although the trip's often the vehicle for the video, it's more about "capturing the moment". So it's event filming, rather than filming, that floats my boat. The creativity associated wih filming drama or sketches doesn't really appeal.In fact, that becomes too much like work!
  3. worddigger's Avatar
    "The trip's an excuse to video" - You hit the nail right on the head. When my wife and I went on our very first cruise a couple of years ago, I was more excited about filming everything than the trip itself. And, when I got home, I was in editing heaven for a few days afterward making a travelogue of our adventure. I'm with Marc, staged filming of movies and sketches are fun, but they don't hold nary the appeal that they once did.
  4. mikerb's Avatar
    ......have you tried the sneaky approach? As far as possible no one actually knows you are filming. Well, they will know you are recodring some bits and pieces, but it is on the level of "happy snapping". Of course it means you can stage absolutely nothing, people get in the way, the audio can become oppressive because somone who is a bit loud is too close to the camera. You get some weird footage when, in order to participate in the days proceedings, and avoid making it obvious that you are making a fully planned and directed video, you have to leave the cam running propped up in a tree, or better still give it to an 8 year old with basic instructions. Editing becomes fun because you have not a clue what is in the can!!
  5. SpectateSwamp's Avatar
    I never edit anything. EVER.

    I have 1897 videos on YouTube out of 10,000 clips.

    For years my video has captured political forum rigging and other Chamber of Commerce shenanigans.

    Here is a recent clip from our Food Sovereignty forum. A lobbyist told our Agriculture critic that they would prefer if the motion not be debated.
    [url=]Occupy_food_sovereignty_47 - YouTube[/url] 2Min 2sec unedited video

    Use video to out these corrupt practices. Like I do. Do something useful with video..
  6. Marc Peters's Avatar
    1897 out of 10000 clips. That rather implys a) you spend a lot of time with a camera and b) you edit video. We've heard all this before mr swamp. We know you hate video editing. We love video. And editing. It's fun.
  7. helenclark's Avatar
    I do agree with Marc Peters, I would like to suggest mr Swamp, without editing video and publishing at You tube is not professional, I understand you tube will accept that video but if you'll consider about insight of that video, then you'll get to know how important video editing. From my point of view, Video editing is the most important part for every video. Read this information which will guide you all the benefits of video editing. Hope after reading this you'll not hate video editing.
    Updated 10-20-2013 at 02:58 PM by helenclark