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Andy Lockwood

I want a free wedding video....

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So many times we see these posts - usually along the lines of "I have no money left over but I really want a video"

The wedding is (or should be) the biggest (or certainly one of the biggest) days of our lives - so why leave it to chance?
Would you have a wedding without a cake for instance? Or flowers? Or a posh frock? No - so why skimp on the one thing that'll preserve the day forever - long after the cake is eaten, the flowers have wilted and the frock has gone off to the charity shop..

Now you could have your Uncle Ernie film it - but sod's law says he'll be stuck at the back of the church looking over peoples shoulders and miss the ceremony completely. Or you won't be able to hear the vows because his hand is accidentally covering the microphone. Or he'll get too pissed at the pre drinks ceremony, forget to press record or the footage will be shaky and out of focus.

So please - all you people thinking of getting married - leave room in your budget for a professional wedding videographer. He (or she) will capture the day and the atmosphere in a way that a still photographer never can, and chances are he'll capture moments you miss completely... and whereas you'll probably put your still's album away and hardly ever look at it again - a good wedding DVD will keep you entertained over and over again...

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  1. TFV's Avatar
    It is surprising how little people actually regard videos as being important until they need them. They also think that many videographers are just cheap camcorder owners that will work for nothing. I had a telephone call from a lady I'd met whilst filming a few weeks back who suddenly could see the use for filming a presentation on dogs,...she was under the impression I would turn up 10 minutes before, set up and film the presentation for 5 hours, edit it and provide a DVD for 100. I told her how much wedding videos cost and she was really surprised that that special day cost more than the cost of a camcorder one could buy from PC world or comet..
  2. optheatre's Avatar
    As a film maker who is getting married this summer, we're not having a video made because...

    1. Who could live up the demands of my high standards (that I can't achieve myself)?!
    2. It's not going to be appreciated that I'm chatting on with somebody about cameras at the 'I do/I will' point of the ceremony
    3. There is no insta-handsome plug in yet.

    Likewise I'm not keen on the 'For Free' requests either (and it's not just weddings either) when you've invested in your equipment and skill. I've only done it once and that was because I wanted to test out some new gear. It was a theatre piece so not the biggest day of somebodies life!

    Whenever I've ask for free assistance (and I have needed it when doing the fun stuff) I've always credited and bought them something. The other day I my music guy a recipe book because I know he likes cooking and he said it made his day! In short doing something thoughtful (not just a bottle of wine) to say thanks goes a long way.
  3. Marc Peters's Avatar
    You'll regret not getting a wedding video...
  4. laura0104's Avatar
    I appreciate your opinions and I believe that if you are going to have this big special day then yes, there should be room left in the budget for a professional videographer. However, as a bride who has just posted one of these 'help me' messages, I can relate to everyone who does. Some people are not having a massive do (my ceremony and entire wedding consists of 15 people including myself and the groom) and just really want to capture their special day however they can. If that means risking it with someone who isn't too experienced then that's the risk that is taken. We are getting married for the marriage, not the wedding day and although we have a nice venue, that's about all we've splashed out on. We decided that having something is better than nothing and hopefully this would mean that a student can gain some experience or have something they can put on their CV.

    Sorry for the intrusion.