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You may not know it, but you need an iPad

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I honestly never thought I'd say it, but I really want an iPad. It seemed the epitome of everything I dislike: technology for the sake of it. After all, it doesn't really know if it's a gloried PDA (remember those), a oversized iPhone, or just half a laptop. I looked at them with disdain, and certainly didn't need to try one before I knew I didn't need one.

But then I tried an iPad in PC World. Unlike the locked down PCs, those sensible Apple chaps insisted that the store actually let you experience the iPad. After just looking at the laptops, I could interact with the iPad. I could even surf the internet and browse these forums. I checked out videos on my Vimeo account (in all their Hi Def glory), browsed through iTunes and before I knew it, my Girlfriend called time on my play.

Bottom line: I need an iPad. I just didn't know it. And it was all down to those Apple marketing guys letting me get my dirty mits on the thing. It looks and feels like an iPad should (it is, after all, an iPad). And it does everything I wanted to do. My only comment would be that it's a bit too heavy, but having used netbooks and been disapointed, that's no real issue.

I'm just off to find the cheapest deals. Now if only Apple could get that right...

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  1. The heart channel's Avatar
    Does the Ipad have a phone ap..??? Just curious.?? Then I can throw my Iphone that drops half my calls and won't load my e-mail half the time into the trash bin where it belongs...... And still keep my 24 month contract at $195.00.... Uggggg..
  2. Zero's Avatar
    They're dirt cheap where we are
  3. TFV's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Zero;bt68]They're dirt cheap where we are

    that is a big chuckle from me...
  4. Stripe's Avatar
    Lolz :)

    Been through this argument before - the upshot was that the Ipad simply re-invents the wheel for those that love to procrastinate rather than create, (it was a very in-depth discussion, be thankful this is the short version) :0
    Updated 10-10-2011 at 03:24 PM by Stripe
  5. alicia.florrick's Avatar
    hi, Marc Peter, I'm here now finally. Thanks anyway for your endeavor to set up password for me.
    I bought ipad on 2010, it's the best handy gadget for me because i can reading, watching anytime anywhere like recently i'm preparing for TOEIC and i need to pratice my listening and reading, ipad is the best tool for me. For my BF, he loves to play games in subway when we are waiting. I wish you got it already.