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The price of videography failure

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It had to happen sooner or later. A videographer has been sued for breach of contract following a less than professional attempt. Parting with 1.5k for a video and photography package, Marc and Sylvia were presented with a video nasty. "Bowers (the videographer also missed the cutting of the cake and you can see how angry I'm getting on the wedding video - I even do a psycho slashing knife action, which I can't believe they left in."

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  1. smifis's Avatar
    That is pure failure.

    In post they should of at least tried to save it.
  2. vertovian's Avatar
    90% of wedding vidders are rubbish and are conmen. Well - maybe that is a bit harsh - 85 - lols.
  3. Z Cheema's Avatar
    they are adding to the pile, 20 weddings in 4 years, in a year maybe
  4. Christiaan Harden's Avatar
    Shame really, it will harm the reputation of a lot of very capable videographers.
  5. Antony Warnes's Avatar
    [COLOR=#282828][FONT=arial]"He was ordered him to pay back 500 from the 1,450 to the Days with 450 in damages, 100 for their loss of earning and 170 in court fees."

    Well he still made a decent days wage then![/FONT][/COLOR]