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Music back on YouTube

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It seems UK users can once again watch "premium" music videos on YouTube afer a deal was struck with song writers group PRS. But, more importantly, this deal covers music included in user videos. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be retrospective as my music videos previously stripped of audio remain "quiet". Whether this particular music wasn't covered by the deal, I can't say. But it would seem a shame to have to upload videos all over again...

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  1. MikeTV's Avatar
    I believe that a new company will be controlling all music video on the web, including on YouTube. The company is called Vevo, and it is a joint venture betweeen Universal Music, EMI and Sony ... Warner, the other big music group are rumoured to come on board at some point. It will mean that every music video on the web will be "powered by Vevo" and that Vevo wil now be able t monetise their assets with advertising.
  2. BritishEye's Avatar
    I suppose in the end it's all about money.

    If you have copyrighted music on your youtube page, youtube can't stick an ad on it and make money from it as they don't legally own all the permissions for the video. So there's no point in encouraging people to continue using copyrighted music in their uploads.

    You can replace the music though with the Youtube Music thingy.
  3. TwoDaystoAlaska's Avatar
    It's a real shame, non-mainstream music now gets even less attention as a result