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A break to the internet

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My wireless router finally died over the weekend. Seven plus years of faithful service ended with constant interuptions to internet browsing. Imagine having to get up every few hours to reset the internet? It was almost like the bad old days of dial up.

At first I assumed my ISP has finally tired of all my video dowloads. I refused to believe my fathful netgear had died. But then I realised it was long overdue an upgrade. So eager to get back on the net, I took a trip to PC World. My first trip there for a while and I soon regretted my impatience. Every sales assistant (and even the ones at the tills) weren't there to help, but encourage you to buy. The bloke in front of me (buying a laptop) was asked if he wanted a bag. "No my car's just over there", came the answer. The lad was trying to sell a laptop bag.

Anyway, so after finally getting to pay for the thing (and then queuing up again to exchange it after I realised I'd picked up the wrong one), I was the proud owner of a new router. It's all very new and I'm sure does some wonderous things. But it also gives me internet. And it's half the size of the old one. Let's hope it lasts just as long.

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  1. worddigger's Avatar
    Wow! Must have been a really boring day to post this. :)

    Ok, you have inspired me. Yesterday I purchased two VPN subscriptions for my wife and I so we could bypass the self-righteous Internet censorship of the Kuwait Ministry of Communications and freely communicate with the rest of the world. I got tired of the slow speeds that come as a consequence of being subjected to a having every link we clicked checked to verify it did not lead to something that some [expletive deleted] idiot considered not family friendly or blasphemous. And their DNS server was a piece of crap, as well.

    Now, at the click of a button and a very short wait, my computer has a static IP address in New York City, through a very stable 128 bit encrypted tunnel that blasts through all the Islamic monitoring crap in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and delivers decent throughput. THIS IS LIBERATING. :usa2:
    Updated 10-28-2010 at 05:34 AM by worddigger (additional thoughts)