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UK video sharing to be cut off

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The great piracy debate always sparks interest in the Digital Director community. And none more so that illegal file sharing. According to an article on the BBC ( anyone caught file sharing in the UK could lose all communication on the net. This initiative is part of the Digital Britain report.

Whilst I am against all kinds of copyright infringement, the punishment here does seem severe. Any who will assess those that break the rules? It's been well documented that these cases often end up with scapegoats. How many people do you know that admit to file sharing have been caught for example?

And how do you restict access to a teenager living at home, where their parents rely on internet access for home working?

The solution, as always, has to be the widespread availability of well priced video downloads. Not draconian punishment.

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  1. TimStannard's Avatar
    Whilst I don't have a solution ....

    I disagree that better priced downloads will solve the problem. Bored teens will continue to swap the material illegally and for free.

    But, because what they will be sharing is "only" worth say, 1 as opposed to 15 it will be seen as less of a crime.
  2. threedoors's Avatar
    we should feel sorry for super stars who get paid millions for the lost revenue..
  3. BritishEye's Avatar
    Perhaps crack down on the sites they're using to share the files with instead? Would seem like a much better use of Government time, effort and money.