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  1. I kind of resent the threatening tone of your message. If you read the thread through, you would see I've been standing up for you when you clearly couldn't be bothered to. At the end of the day, if your business is being harmed - sharpen your pencil, deliver on time, fulfil promises and don't avoid accountability. I've TEMPORARILY removed the thread pending consultation with the site admininstrator.

    Incidentally, You should remember that if you stick your head in the lions mouth by claiming how bloody brilliant you are - you're liable to get bitten. My advice would be stop letting customers down before posting again.
  2. With reference to
    The posts on this thread are inaccurate and malicious and are losing us sales. We appreciate you have closed all new posts due to suspicious activity but the pages still remain on the internet. This particular customer Christianne mentioned contacting the police then we received "The camera arrived today. My apologies about my expressed fears - I had been influenced by a forum in which people were communicating about bad experiences they have had. Kind Regards, Christianne"
    Further there is also personal and business information which in the context of this thread which has lead to threatening behaviour to our employees. We will be forced to take action unless you remove this thread completely from the internet. If we do not hear from you within the next 24 hours we will interpret this as a refusal on your part to take action.
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