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  1. ContrastDesign's Avatar
    [SIZE=2]Size certainly doesn'y matter when it comes to quality, take a look at this footage filmed in 1080p on a Canon EOS 5D MKII (Disgital SLR stills camera). Awesome colour, depth and light sensitivity from a stills camera.

  2. Marc Peters's Avatar
    It's true, people really are more impressed by a big one. But sometimes you can do without that attention. When I had both an XL2 and XM2, the smaller XM2 was always my camera of choice. The top hadle was great for low tracking shots (an carrying!), it was weighty enough to not suffer from much camera woble when moving slowly and it was sufficiently big to let people know you weren't just some bloke on holiday. Sure I love the XL2, but for some reason it was always second choice.

    People always stopped before crossing my path or asked if / what I was filming. This happens less with a smaller camera. And to be honest, when you're filming, the last thing you want is someone hovering around you. That's my greatest annoyance when filming infact. People waiting for you to finish before passing. Just pass by!