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    Hi Iím sorry Iím a sound guy trying to get some practice and some material to do Sound Desing.I have looked thru the web and found nothing and Iím trying to get a reel built, the reason Iím posting here is to know if someone would like to help by cheaping in with some sort of short material, short films or short documentaries in order to do some sound desining, thanks for your help! My name is Juan!
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    Lovely tips and helpful for me. Thanks for the great share

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    This article is fantastic. The tips and tactics you have written the article are mind-blowing.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lot of great information which can be helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating the blog, looking forward for more content.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Great tips for an amateur or somebody who is just venturing out in the world of videography. I've written some tips and advice on video editing and corporate video production on my blog too.
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    Couldn't agree more with the most, well written, good work. I recently started doing freelancing video and have a post on several similar issue on video production and marketing
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    Great Post Marc! Enjoyed your post thoroughly. Keep it up. We've just started with a new Corporate Video Production Company in NYC and hope this Forum will help us along the way.
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    Thanks for the run down!
    Rock On!
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    This may sound stupid.... but, HOW DO I MAKE A POST ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!?????
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    Good blog Marc, I missed this one first time around.
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    Thank And Explain valuable information for increasing speed of PC by using these factor like RAM.
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    Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Explaining use of camera categories-wise and also explain a proper camcorder will have image stabilization, optical zoom, automatic focus and great ergonomics.
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    Nice post Marc.
    One thing I would like to share with you the way you explain videography by smartphone for Amateur film is flawless. If you're a hobbiest photographer, you may even have a DSLR to record video. and gave suggestion not spend much more on video editing s/w.
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    We escaped to Canada
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    I'm an amateur !!! not been doing this for long.
    Loving every minute.
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    YouTube has one redeeming quality: It is a universal platform where people can upload and store their videos, which can then be streamed and viewed anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection, and do so at no cost to the user, either on the originating or receiving end. That is a purely technical fact. Beyond that, it is chaos and consternation and subjective assessments of any redeeming value.
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    I do agree with Marc Peters, I would like to suggest mr Swamp, without editing video and publishing at You tube is not professional, I understand you tube will accept that video but if you'll consider about insight of that video, then you'll get to know how important video editing. From my point of view, Video editing is the most important part for every video. Read this information which will guide you all the benefits of video editing. Hope after reading this you'll not hate video editing.
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