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Andy Lockwood

  1. I want a free wedding video....

    So many times we see these posts - usually along the lines of "I have no money left over but I really want a video"

    The wedding is (or should be) the biggest (or certainly one of the biggest) days of our lives - so why leave it to chance?
    Would you have a wedding without a cake for instance? Or flowers? Or a posh frock? No - so why skimp on the one thing that'll preserve the day forever - long after the cake is eaten, the flowers have wilted and the frock has gone off ...
  2. Glidetrack on a budget

    [QUOTE=Andy Lockwood;155949]So - the Glidetrack is all very lovely - but what if you can't afford the three hundred quid plus they want for the HD version (1mtr long)

    I looked into what the product is and was surprised at its simplicity. Essentialy it's a track with linear bearings on. Admittedly they've refined it with fancy feet and a tripod mount etc - but I just wanted a basic slider that'd take my Z1E with no hassle.

    So - onto eBay and for less than a hundred quid ...